Venue Sourcing – Private Venues

Meetings & Incentives sometimes travel hand in hand.

An eye for specs is what is needed.

The location, the right fit for your numbers with room to breathe, a provider with a high end service aptitude and attitude (organising some weddings does not add with what we provide for most of our clients).

We will provide you with a map pointing out all locations, access and photos of the venues and surroundings.

That little detail missing is also what we look for …

Do they have a close relationship with one catering company (if needed) or is it in-house catering?

Do they have one or several function rooms that maybe booked on the same night and create disturbance?

Noise restriction and time restriction.

Did you know that some venues have a 10 PM time restriction and even 0930 PM for alcohol service?

What is the back up for the terrace in case of rain?

Basically, risk assessment must be part of the proposition

There are many locations and many solutions that we can equip, organise, decorate and coordinate to suit the purpose of your event

–         private properties
–         meeting space centrally located
–         historical buildings
–         famous restaurants
–         museums
–         vessels
–         hotel function rooms
–         pubs
–         cinemas
–         auditoriums
–         performing art centres
–         race course
–         galleries

To which we will add a good caterer, hostesses, entertainers, speakers, actors , musicians and artists .