Meeting Rooms and Space

From the most high tech and sustainable conference space, to a meeting room 64 m below the surface or a small meeting for 10 people, we can certainly help you.

A number of private venues will satisfy the requirements for corporate meetings and we also seek solutions where originality and a difference is expected.

We will organise all the technical side with a team of technicians and a production company if needed.

We have access to a large panel of speakers and entertainers for your gala nights, award presentations, product launches.


– Does the venue fit the company’s corporate image?
– Does it give the correct impression for this particular meeting?
– Will it appeal to the target audience?
– Will the venue’s staff add to the attendees’ experience in a positive way?


– Is the venue easily accessible to those attending?
– Does the location offer the necessary road/rail/air links?
– Is the venue location suitable for any extra events/shows/excursions that have been planned?
– Is the location quiet, close enough to accommodation if required, in a safe area, etc…


– Is the venue available on the dates required?
– Are any extras such as equipment, accommodation, etc. available on the dates required?
– How flexible are they if you have to change the meeting date?


– Is the seating capacity suitable?
– Are the meeting rooms large enough to provide a comfortable experience for those attending?
– Are the meeting rooms well laid out? Do they allow for good views of the speaker without any obstructions?
– Does the venue allow attendees to move around without bottlenecks and delays?


– Does the venue have a variety of rooms if required? An auditorium if necessary? Small rooms for break away meetings?
– Can the venue offer a projector, electronic whiteboard, stationery, etc.
– Does the venue offer wifi internet access? Do they have a photocopying/fax service? Can they make available laptops or PC if required?
– Can they provide refreshments, tea/coffee/meals?
– Are vegetarians, vegans and those with specific dietary requirements catered for?
– Are the rooms well ventilated and temperature controlled?
– Will disabled delegates be catered for?
– Is there a restaurant or bar for post-meeting networking and entertainment?


– Does the venue fall within the budget for this meeting?
– Are there hidden costs?
– When is payment required?
– What is their cancellation policy? Will you receive a full or partial refund?