Meeting Equipment

Meeting Equipment is the key to successful seamless meetings and conferences. We have a unique service offering that combines technical, styling and design services with the latest in digital event media. From audio-visual, lighting, technical production management, styling, theming, set and design

Some of the questions that should be considered regarding the meeting room’s facilities:

– How many computer hookups?
– Does it have Wi-Fi capability?
– Is electrical power sufficient?
– Are electrical features diagrammed?
– Is there a built-in sound system?
– Is the room soundproofed? Are the others in the building?
– Is the ceiling height adequate for projectors?
– Is remote light control capability available?
– Can windows be covered with shades, blinds or curtains?
– What support is provided for maintenance problems?
– Does the building have an alarm system, CCTV surveillance and a fire alarm?
– Who is responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment?
– Can last-minute equipment demands be met? What are the additional costs?
– Is the meeting room accessible before the meeting for setup?

We can provide:
– projector
– video
– audio
– screens
– computers
– microphones
– speakers
– furnitures : podium, lectern, desk, chairs, …