Group Travel New Zealand

Group Travel New Zealand is operated with reasonably small groups (say 2 coaches maximum to travel together and less is better)

If you don’t know the country, do not use a map showing Australia and New Zealand.
New Zealand will look extremely small; it is actually 2000 km long from North to South

Because no one knows the country better than the New Zealanders, we have an office in Auckland and a team looking after your requests.

New Zealand might be much smaller than Australia but it is big in variety, big in cultural past and present and very active.

The climates allow for year round travel and we will direct you to the best destinations for the period you request. However the South Island is cold between May and September, which is, from June, the ski season.

We provide:
– A cost effective and prompt response
– A tailor made solution as every group is different
– Professional and accredited tour guides while travelling
– Hotels conveniently located as per your group profile
– A good selection of restaurants, menus and dishes
– A sample of destinations and topics highlighting the true nature of New Zealand
– On request, a free of charge service for your tour leader
– A guaranteed costing even if your group travel 2 or more years after the costing date
– A 24h contact of the coordinator looking after your file

Because we are talking about groups, please ask us for references and a biography on previous groups we operated.