Corporate Events

Corporate Event

We can either create the event, i.e. for an Incentive or work with the main event organisers to look after your delegations and facilitate their access and all logistics

Special Events form the very chore of the Australian culture:
– Sporting Events: Formula One, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Marathon, Triathlon, Cycling championship, to name a few and the areas where we have so far been involved.
– Cultural Events: we invite you to join festivals, rodeos, concerts, as these are the best testimonies of the authentic Australia
– Industry Events: trade shows, symposium, conference, workshop

We keep a large database of contacts and we can help you design or join an event in many ways.

Corporate Event Management

We can coordinate transfers, accommodation, meetings and any service needed while at destination.
– Efficient and personalised service
– Competitive rates
– Detailed costing with separate handling fee if requested
– Permanent contact possible with coordinator in charge of your file
– Tickets for access to the Event
– Hospitality packages
– Drivers
– Vehicles

We can also:
– Help you confirm and facilitate appointments
– Source contacts for you or your clients

Corporate event management is part of our monthly routine.

Corporate Event Ideas

We are most interested by the genre and the mood you want to give to your Event.
Once we know it, we can offer a number of solutions.

Corporate events is both serious and fun; passion is at work on a daily basis and we know it.

This is the reason why we tailor-make corporate event ideas.

Any company can organise team building or parties or action days, but really what is important is to know who will be part of it, their age, gender, background, past experience in similar situation.

There is no solution that fits all.

Is there a particular theme and a message that needs to appear or transpire through that experience?

Do you want us to organise the kidnapping of the CEO and launch the participants in a hunt?

Or is it a company with a vertical approach to hierarchy where the CEO and / or its VIP clients need to appear on a pedestal? Or … it does not matter.

Does the event need to pay a particular attention to cementing participant’s relationships with other delegates ?

In brief, what you expect from the Event is what we need to know.