Once a British-French condominium governing this mostly Melanesian population, the Republic of Vanuatu today is an island archipelago and home to over 100 indigenous languages as well as English, French and Bislama (principal local language), giving a fascinatingly diverse regional and local culture.

Climate – Sub-tropical and warm, humid and wet May to October with a daily temperature ranging between  20º-32º, and  cooler drier Winters (April to September and the best time to visit) with the cyclone period between December and April. Temperature can vary across the islands, however. Water temperature is 22º-28º in Summer.
Transport – Right-hand drive. Roads often compacted coral, and can be closed for some reason. Rental Car dealers plus local private buses and taxi services. No public transport.  Local regular inter-island ferry services from Port Vila and Espiritu Santo as well as some cargo and passenger ships that visit.

Airlines – International airport in Port Vila. Air Vanuatu (international) and Vanair (domestic) are the main air travel operators. Departure tax may be necessary.

  • meet the locals, buy their crafts and try their food in their traditional markets
  • Savour some French culture and cuisine in a Pacific Island paradise
  • take a champagne sunset cruise on the lagoon
  • play golf by a blue lagoon
  • visit Tanna and walk to the top of an active volcano
  • visit Espiritu Santo and emerge yourself in a very ancient and traditional culture