A little-known tropical Paradise situated in the South Pacific, often known as the ‘Friendly Islands’, Tonga is one of the best kept secrets!

Climate – Subtropical, with hot, rainy season from December to March with an average temperature of 26º. The cyclone period occurs during this time, particularly for the northern islands.  The cooler, drier season is between May – November (temperature around 23º) . Temperature can vary across the islands, however. Water temperature is 23º-27º generally.

Transport – taxis – (agree on the fare before getting in!). Local Bus services operate – seldom after 3:00 pm. but great fun if you can get one and there are local inter-island ferry services. No motorcycles. Left-hand drive. A Tonga driver’s licence is mandatory for hire car drivers.

Airlines –domestic flights often not regular and never on Sundays. Be prepared to reschedule. The International airport is in Nukualofa , with Air Pacific and Air New Zealand as 2 of the main international air travel providers.

  • immerse yourself in a culture that has kept its deeply rooted traditions
  • Relax on beautiful white sand beaches
  • spend the day on a tropical island
  • go whale-watching and swimming with the whales
  • go fishing with the local fishermen
  • meet the locals and don’t fail to attend church on Sundays to be part of their tradition and listen to the best gospel singers in the world
  • go surfing
  • fly to Hapai Archipelago and Vava’u, for their fantastic turquoise beaches and encounters with the locals