Extended touring

It is one of the best way to discover the country due to its size.

We usually allow for 3 to 4 nights per region and 2 to 4 regions depending on time availability.

Australia is in most areas of interest well equipped to welcome individual travelers and small to medium size groups.

We can design the itinerary to include a range of luxurious lodges or use the motels on the way if it better suits your budget.

The roads are normally of good quality and since you won’t find a village every 5 km, you can cover important distance easily.

We stick to itineraries where you can get a real feel of what Australia is made of and meet Australian people on the way using our many connections around the country

Apart from traveling by coach, camper or car, you might want to consider :

  • our custom made extended touring experience
  • tag along behind the wheel of a hired car or 4WD
  • 4 WD convoys for groups
  • airtour
  • sailing the coast and the islands