Australian cities tend to spread a long way and we really want you to stay downtown unless you have made the decision to stay on Sydney beaches, in the vineyards or in a National Park. Saying that you can also do it all.

Once you leave the cities hotels are generally fairly small. We have organized large groups using all the beds of some localities and moving 300 people at once around the country even to some fairly remote place .

We have seen the past years more boutique hotels coming up, more luxury lodges (usually 10 to 20 rooms) and more luxury camps (3 to 15 tents).

There is also a number of 3 to 4 star lodges in a number of National Parks;  a very genuine way to discover the Australian nature and fauna.

We also recommend a stay on one of the islands. The barrier reef islands offer 4 to 5 star resort style quality accommodation, Kangaroo island in south Australia has a number of hotels and lodges.  And a few exclusive islands that we propose on demand.

Service in Australia is always friendly and prices are kept to a reasonable level.

We contract a large selection of hotels, resorts and lodges and we keep surveying the quality year around by organizing regular site inspections

Hotel and room category are somehow confusing as huge differences exist within a same rating and we excel in keeping ourselves and yourself informed.

How ?

Since we operate a large number of groups our tour guides and coordinators keep us informed on service quality, maintenance and other aspects for each property .

Something to know

The hotel rating somehow varies depending on the country .

For Australia and New Zealand this is the rating system :

Superior           = 3 star = standard Tourist hotel

First                 = 4 star = quality hotel offering a minimum of 16 hours room service

Deluxe             = 5 star = the top end with a 24h room service

Please bear in mind that a huge difference might exists between 2 hotels of a similar rating. We will keep you informed.