Australian cities tend to spread a long way and we really want you to stay downtown unless you have made the decision to stay on Sydney beaches, in the vineyards or in a National Park. Saying that you can also do it all.

Once you leave the cities hotels are generally fairly small. We have organized large groups using all the beds of some localities and moving 300 people at once around the country even to some fairly remote place .

We have seen the past years more boutique hotels coming up, more luxury lodges (usually 10 to 20 rooms) and more luxury camps (3 to 15 tents).

There is also a number of 3 to 4 star lodges in a number of National Parks;  a very genuine way to discover the Australian nature and fauna.

We also recommend a stay on one of the islands. The barrier reef islands offer 4 to 5 star resort style quality accommodation, Kangaroo island in south Australia has a number of hotels and lodges.  And a few exclusive islands that we propose on demand.

Service in Australia is always friendly and prices are kept to a reasonable level.

We contract a large selection of hotels, resorts and lodges and we keep surveying the quality year around by organizing regular site inspections

Hotel and room category are somehow confusing as huge differences exist within a same rating and we excel in keeping ourselves and yourself informed.

How ?

Since we operate a large number of groups our tour guides and coordinators keep us informed on service quality, maintenance and other aspects for each property .

Something to know

The hotel rating somehow varies depending on the country .
For Australia and New Zealand this is the rating system :

Superior  = 3 star = standard Tourist hotel
First     = 4 star = quality hotel offering a minimum of 16 hours room service
Deluxe  = 5 star = the top end with a 24h room service

Please bear in mind that a huge difference might exists between 2 hotels of a similar rating. We will keep you informed.

Transport :


There are several international airports in Australia : Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane.

Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar are the 3 main domestic airlines .

Virgin and Jetstar are two low costs and therefore meals are not included on board

We charter airplanes. Not only does it create greater privacy and exclusive service to the client but it is on many occasions a very affordable way to travel.


The Indian Pacific : travels from Perth to Sydney via Adelaide and Broken Hill from Sydney to Darwin via Alice Springs
The Ghan : travel from Sydney to Darwin via Alice Springs
These two trains offer comfortable sleeping berth, private facilities and a good table.


With more than 20 000 km of road around the country , you will need to know that travelling anti-clock wise will save you 23 km ! ☺

For group of visitors we organize convoys or individual self drives; a great way to discover an area , like the Red Centre.

For individual travelers with sufficient time available, self-drive is a must do


Most commonly we use the cruises for short experiences to travel to the Great Barrier Reef or see the marine wildlife in other areas.

We have a short selection of extended cruises travelling to the Kimberleys, the Barrier Reef, the Pacific Islands.

We also recommend bareboat hire in the Whitsundays to sail around the islands


Domestic flightsChartered aircraftHelicopters


Coaches from 16 to 61 seats



Car rental (minivan, 4WD, conventional cars)



Jet boatsVessels for groupsSail boats




Camel- riding

Horse – riding


pre-designed or tailored made solutions

  • city tours
  • cruises
  • cruising restaurants
  • seaplane flights
  • private tours of famous monuments, gardens, galeries  and museums
  • historic walking tours
  • aboriginal culture tours
  • maori culture tours
  • architecture walking tours
  • art walking tours
  • wine tastings
  • beer tastings
  • australian fauna personalised tours
  • regattas
  • kayak tours
  • motorbike (Harley) tours
  • pushbike tours
  • a day on a private property
  • a day on a sheep station
  • wine areas
  • 4WD tours
  • Heli tours
  • chartered aircrafts

Extended touring

It is one of the best way to discover the country due to its size.

We usually allow for 3 to 4 nights per region and 2 to 4 regions depending on time availability.

Australia is in most areas of interest well equipped to welcome individual travelers and small to medium size groups.

We can design the itinerary to include a range of luxurious lodges or use the motels on the way if it better suits your budget.

The roads are normally of good quality and since you won’t find a village every 5 km, you can cover important distance easily.

We stick to itineraries where you can get a real feel of what Australia is made of and meet Australian people on the way using our many connections around the country

Apart from traveling by coach, camper or car, you might want to consider :

  • our custom made extended touring experience
  • tag along behind the wheel of a hired car or 4WD
  • 4 WD convoys for groups
  • airtour
  • sailing the coast and the islands

Adventure tours

An adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. The term is often used to refer to activities with some potential for physical danger, such as skydiving, mountain climbing and or participating in extreme sports.

At JCM Destination Australia and New Zealand, how do we approach Adventure ?

We organise safe adventure with a potential for thrill linked with weather pattern, road conditions, wildlife. It may look like a paradox, but we only deal with the good end of that paradox.

You will need to be ready to get your shoes dirty and ready to experience and feel what Australia and New Zealand are made of, while enjoying the inter-action with its  people

Australia is huge and New Zealand can be misleading as it is 2000 km from North to South. Our team has a very acute knowledge of the best solutions versus time available.

Adventures can be lived

  • in a city
  • at sea
  • in the outback
  • underwater
  • in the air
  • with the locals

Australia and New Zealand hide many good surprises, we know most of them.

Language services

Wether professional or leisure oriented the language is a key to a successful  voyage.

We have access to a long list of European languages and selected specialists who can conduct proper meeting or seminar interpretation.

We can also assist on request with technical language assistance and interpretation for a number of industries

A tour guide speaking your language will also help you to warm up quickly to the country and its cultural differences.

We have national and local guides Australia and New Zealand wide

Our services :

– tour guiding and coordination
– specialised tour guides
– interpretors for professional programs, seminars , conferences
– hostesses