About JCM

JCM Destination Australia and New Zealand was registered in 1998 followed by JCM Destination NEW ZEALAND in 2002.

Our departments focus on solutions for groups and individual visitors for the following sectors :

  • Incentive programs
  • International conferences
  • Corporate seminars
  • Site inspections
  • Business meetings
  • Special events
  • Specialist programs (all industries)
  • Leisure groups
  • Individual travel

We select and contract a thousand and more suppliers around Australia and New Zealand to cover your clients with legal contractual arrangements, preferred tariffs and allotments year-round.

JCM Destination AUSTRALIA is a Pty Ltd
Member of the Australian Tourism Export Council
Holds a Public and Product liability insurance
Runs a full audit of its accounts every year

JCM Destination NEW ZEALAND is a Pty Ltd
Member of TIANZ , Tourism Industry Association, New Zealand
Holds a Public and Product liability insurance

Our prime focus is service oriented : we apply the same attention to service across all type of travel : from Corporate travel, Incentive, Conference and Events to Leisure

Our second focus is product oriented : all tour consultants, group coordinators and project managers constantly update their knowledge of the destination.

Our third focus is human oriented : we use a large amount of local contacts to spice up the travel experience and enrich the program with genuine encounters .
This third focus is unique as we hold solutions and related contacts in most industries and destinations